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'I Love Lucy', Lucy loved Spock, and America fell for both of them.

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It was the 50s. Love was in the air.  Television was black and white and there was a big gray area in terms of parenting advice. There were no self help books, no internet, no distractions.  People wanted to know where to go to laugh and where to go for advice. So they were a natural fit.  Lucy couldn”t even take care of herself let alone Little Ricky. She needed the advice of Dr. Spock.

And the casino online country needed him too. Baby”s were booming and TV was bursting onto the scene.  That one night when lucy quoted Dr. Spock , the book “Baby and Child Care” took off like wildfire and charted it”s course to becoming the most published book next to the Bible.  Soon, it was Spock that was who everyone loved and most importantly trusted.

Today, in a world where there are hundreds of television channels and dozens of parenting experts, time and again, people flock back to the classics. We need to laughter that comes from Lucy, and we need the assurance of Dr. Spock.

Everyone old is new again. And somethings are just timeless.

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