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Commercial baby foods

Posted on 23. Jan, 2011 by in Infant, Preschooler, Stages of Childhood

When baby foods in jars were first produced, they consisted of single vegetables, single fruits, and single meats. Since then, the companies have tended toward mixtures of vegetables and starches, fruits and starches, and “dinners” consisting of starches, vegetables, and meats. Most often, the starches are refined rice, refined corn, and refined wheat. And the refining of any grain reduces its vitamins, proteins, and roughage.

Baby food companies, in order to make their foods appealing to babies and their parents, added sugar and salt for many years. But, because of the complaints of doctors, nutritionists, and parents, this practice has been largely discontinued.

When you buy baby food in jars, read the fine print on the label. When the large print says “creamed beans,” the fine print may say “beans with cornstarch.” Choose plain fruits or plain vegetables to be sure that your baby is getting enough of these valuable foods and is not being overloaded with refined starches. Avoid jars that contain added sugar or salt.

Don’t get started on cornstarch puddings and gelatin desserts. They don’t have the right food values, and they both contain a lot of sugar. Instead, give your baby plain strained fruits. A baby who has never been exposed to refined sugar will find plain fruit to be delightfully sweet.


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