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How To Find (And Pay For) Your Doula

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When I started my career in 1995, “doula” was not a household word, but that is changing quickly.  Why do more families think of a professional birthing coach as a necessity?  One study sheds a clue:  mothers assumed their nurses would spend approximately 53 percent of their time on labor support, but nurses spend less [...]

About Robert Needlman, MD

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Robert Needlman grew up in Chicago, attending the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where his mother taught young children. He graduated from Yale University with a BA in English Literature, earned his MD from Yale Medical School, and trained in General Pediatrics and Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Boston City Hospital.  In addition to being [...]

A Healthy Lifestyle for Getting Pregnant

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For women who aren’t in perfect health or who have potentially toxic exposures, taking care of yourself before pregnancy assures that you will be in your best shape in early on when the baby’s organs start to form. Remember, early embryonic development begins before you may know that you are pregnant, and weeks before you start prenatal care. Now is the best time to start taking care of your baby-to-be!

Starting Eggs

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Eggs can be a healthy part of a baby’s diet, but it’s probably best to wait until around a year of age. (There’s some debate about this among experts; but most doctors still recommend waiting.) Egg yolks supply healthy fats, calories, vitamins and iron, but the body absorbs iron from egg yolks best if they’re [...]

Starting Vegetables

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A possible advantage of adding vegetables before fruits is that your baby will not be expecting everything to taste sweet. Start with string beans, peas, squash, carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes; give each one for a few days, to be sure that your baby doesn’t develop a rash. There are other vegetables — such as [...]

Finger Foods at 6-12 Months

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By six or seven months most babies can use a whole hand to grab food and get it to their mouths.  And once they can do this, they want to do it. Hand-to-mouth feeing prepares babies to spoon-feed themselves later, at about a year. If babies aren’t allowed to feed themselves with their fingers, they’re [...]

Starting Higher-Protein Foods

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Once your baby is familiar with cereals, vegetables, and fruits, you can introduce other foods. Try very well cooked beans and legumes, like lentils, chickpeas, and kidney beans. Start with small amounts of cooked beans. If you notice that your baby develops an irritated bottom and you see bits of undigested bean in his bowel [...]

Looking Ahead: First Solid Foods

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A baby girl taking her first teaspoonful of solid food is quite funny and a little pathetic. She looks puzzled and disgusted. She wrinkles up her nose and forehead. You can”t blame her. After all, the taste is new, the consistency is new, the spoon may be new. When she sucks on a nipple, the [...]

Solid Foods: Why Start Out Right?

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 As your baby begins to eat solid food, he or she is passing a milestone toward independence. This gives you a chance to introduce healthy eating habits, setting up your child for a lifetime of healthy eating. Food tastes form early in life and then tend to persist. For example, how much salt a person wants [...]

'I Love Lucy', Lucy loved Spock, and America fell for both of them.

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It was the 50s. Love was in the air.  Television was black and white and there was a big gray area in terms of parenting advice. There were no self help books, no internet, no distractions.  People wanted to know where to go to laugh and where to go for advice. So they were a [...]